3D Creationist – 3D modeling


3D Creationist is the easiest app on the market to create 3D models and 3D print them – even kids can use it!

CAD tools have a high learning curve, that make them inaccessible to hobbyists, so we decided to make a modeling tool, that is simple to use.

It uses basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone etc.) to create any 3D models. From the simplest design to the most complex objects – you can make anything by simply moving, rotating and resizing different shapes into the right place.

Latest updates:
1) Added "Cut" (Constructive Solid Geometry)
2) Reworked UI

Getting started:
Add some basic shapes to the stage, for example a cube and a cone.
Tap on shapes to make them active/inactive.
Select a proper tool for what you want to achieve: Move,Rotate,Scale.
Use the arrows around the shape to manipulate the object in the desired direction.

-Rotate the camera by dragging your finger around the stage.
-Zoom the camera by pinching with "two" fingers.
-Move the camera by dragging with "three" fingers.

Build something fun, here are a few ideas:
– Plane
– Car
– Fort
– Snowman
– Cartoon characters
– Coffee cup

Future updates:
– Cut objects to create engraved models
– More shapes and ready to print models
– Generate 3D text with your desired font
– Undo and Redo operations
– Share video playbacks of your creative process
– Bending objects
– Animating your 3D models
– Draw an outline and we generate a 3D model of it (extrusion)

Here are some examples of how people use our application:
– Home design
– Building toys
– Logos
– Models for games
– Prototypes
– Education
– Sketch
– Stop motion animation
– Cartoon characters

Download and get creative 🙂