Chess 3D free


This is a great strategy game. It is said that those who play chess develops many intellectual qualities such as problem solving, abstract reasoning, ability to plan in advance and patience.
If you do not know the rules, do not worry, with 3D Chess you are suggested the possible moves of the pawn, queen, bishop, horse, tower and king, so you can not go wrong.
You can decide how smart it will be your opponent, so you can learn to play gradually.
Download Chess 3d, revived this ancient game in this version with high-quality graphics.

The board is ready, the Black King waiting for you, ready to checkmate!

Chess 3D Free


Chess 3D is an Android port of the very strong Stockfish chess engine and LIBGDX framework , combined with a feature-rich GUI. Combat oriented game mechanics, complete with richly animated game pieces.

• 3D richly animated game pieces.
• 12 level (Time for thinking 0-60s).
• Mode changes between animation and 3d model.
• Free rotate camera.
★ 3D red -cyan (Pro only)
★ Full Screen (Pro only)
★ No ads (Pro only)

★ Buy Pro if you like it.

Note: The default setting is set for the device with low graphics, if you want to change it all: Settings-> Default -> Check Animation