Classic Piano Lessons: Bach


Are you looking for some new music app? This simple Piano Lessons app lets you to play piano virtually on your mobile device.
Playing classical music on this Piano Lessons app is both – fun and learning!

You can become a real musical composer like famous classical musicians – Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven or Vivaldi.

This Piano Lessons application is the best way to play classical music even if you don't have any musical instruments around you.

Piano Lessons is an app which focuses on classical music composed especially by Johann Sebastian Bach. But you can also find here a different tunes to learn to playing a piano.

You can choose from top classical music works of this great composer including piano concerts, symphonies, sonatas, cantatas, requiems etc.

Use record and playback options to create and share your music tracks with friends and family.

Express your creativity making your own music or play classical music written by popular composer – Johann Sebastian Bach. A lot of his classical music available to learn and play!

Piano Lessons application gives you a possibility to learn to play a piano (and other instruments) at home using your mobile device.

Now you can turn professional without leaving home!

To play Piano Lessons firstly choose the game mode – Learn how to play mode for beginners or Play mode.
In beginners mode you will see a highlighted piano keys. It helps you to learn to play your virtual instrument!
Choose Play mode if you want to play music without any help.
Every time you can record your songs!

-good quality sound of piano and different instruments
-simple musical keyboard
-great music application
-multi-touch control
-beat your own records!
-two game modes
-record and playback tune function
-easy songs for piano beginners!
-a lot of classical music pieces available
-a lot of songs written by Johann Sebastian Bach build in Piano Lessons app
-Piano Lessons includes music works of Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi and and other musical maestros