Cruise Ship Cargo Simulator 3D


Pick up and drop passengers in beautiful carnival city like Venice in speed boat or operate tower crane to load cargo on huge freight carrier boat in brand new Cruise Ship Cargo Simulator 3D game in Google play store.

Enjoy sailing cool yacht in stunning city Venice, drive speed boat on waters in the city to transport passengers on ports. Cruise Ship Cargo Simulator 3D is about taking travelers and dropping them off in the city. Also play as tower crane operator your duty is to load goods. Park cargo ship on dock and load the containers over it to transport goods all over globe harbor and ports. Take control over the helm of this carnival cruise liner and steer you classic cargo ship in the deep oceans. Enjoy traveling in this beautiful environment of this 3D city don’t drown or bump you summer boat in other speedy or smooth gondolas rowing boats. Captain! Take your passenger onboard in sailboat for trip; drive in city locations to transport passengers and travelers in this small ferry. Powerboat racing on water of the seas avoids to crush their motorboat with your huge cruise ship.

Pirates sail for the treasure quest around the world various islands, avoid any battle pirate crews or your motorboat can get massive damage. As summer boat captain of the ship sail your watercraft and park it on seaport without bumping other places. People love to travel in beautiful city like Venice for sailing boats in deep water on this destination. Travelers reach this city in cruise liner for this holiday season. Make sure you give them a full tourism trip of this island with your passenger ferry. Take control over giant freight ship to transport containers from one destination to next harbor. This summer people are participating in hydroplane race steer your giant motorboat avoid to crush them or damage their racing event.

Download Cruise Ship Cargo Simulator 3D game in your tablet and Smartphone, sail a gigantic cargo ship or small yacht. Also handle the biggest construction tower crane to lift the freight and load it in this mega sea craft.

Ship Simulator 2015 Features:

•10 entertaining missions to sail in mega cargo or travelling boats
•Real physics to control these boats over water waves motions
•Operate construction tower crane on docks dynamic harbor location
•Superb sounds and coolest animation to enhance your gaming experience
•Amazing touch screen smooth control for sailboats