Duck Hunting Season


The Hunting Season is started so get ready to shoot some ducks! in Duck Hunting Season you are a sniper duck hunter and you can follow the ducks with your scope. So do you think you are a good sniper? show us how good you are and shoot every duck you see. Or will the ducks laugh at you because you can’t shoot them.

In Duck Hunting Season you will shoot the ducks with a sniper gun which has a great handling. you can zoom, steer and shoot the ducks by using only 3 buttons nothing more.
In this game you can see in the right upper corner of the game how many ducks there will be in the level you play, how many you shot down and how many are flew away.

Duck Hunting Season has a great gameplay and will give you the feeling that you are a real hunter. So grab your sniper gun put on your Hunting Outfit and go into the field and shoot some ducks. This game is all about precision, aiming and timing. Don’t forget to pull the trigger otherwise you’ll will never shoot the ducks.

If you like shooting games you definitely should play this game and you will enjoy it for a long time. Because of his endless level feature you can choose to play this game on and on, so you don’t have to stop hunting duck.

Features of Duck Hunting Season:
•Shooting with a Sniper Rifle
•Precision Shooting
•A lot of ducks
•Endless game
•Great controls
•Unique gameplay
•Must play game

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