Fake Call Prank


Want your friends think you are getting an important call and you still prefer them over celebrities Like President or any other celebrities?

Fake Caller helps you to select a caller from your contact list or enter new contact. One can also select time for calling and set up multiple fake calls for different timings.

“Record your voice” feature allows you to record fake caller voice. This recorded voice can be played automatically when you will get a call.

How It Works:
1. Choose you want to simulate: Fake Call or Fake SMS.
2. Set Name, telephone and photography.
3. Record your voice: The voice can be played automatically when you lift a call.
4. Write your own SMS Messages for Fake Chat.
5. Choose delay time to receive fake Call or Fake SMS.
6. Fool your friends !!!

Why use our app Fake Call prank.?

✔ Fake Call is free. It will always be free.
✔ You can create Fake SMS chat and fool your friends.
✔ You can make fake calls all you want and receive Fake SMS.
✔ Fake Call Prank does not require internet connection.
✔ Fake Call Prank FREE fun for all.
✔ We will update the application regularly.
✔ Fake Call Prank is completely free download.

An application prank to fool your friends!

Fake Call Prank


The ultimate Fake Call app that lets you give yourself fake calls from any one you want!

Get out of boring meetings, uncomfortable conversations and awkward moments with Fake Call.
You can schedule a call from anyone at any time you want. Rescue yourself from any situation.

Fake Call app lets you choose a contact from your phone’s contacts or you can specify any name and number you like! Let the world watch as a celebrity or an important official calls you!

You can select a cool display photo from either the phone picture gallery or click a new one. The set photo will appear as your fake caller photo when you receive the fake call.

Set a specific or custom time for the fake call to ring and save you from any unwanted situation!
Simply tap on the End Call button to disconnect your fake call.

Use Fake Call to get out of a bad date!
Alone in the dark and someone suspicious following you? Use Fake Call to pretend to talk to someone and feel safer!
Fake Call is the perfect prank to play on friends and family!