Fireflies: Mushroom Blast!


There’s a panic in fairyland! Carnivorous flower monsters have invaded the once-peaceful lands and started to capture the cute but vulnerable Fireflies. Only you can save them that is, you and… the magic mushrooms.

POP the BIG-EYED mushrooms and USE their MAGIC to:

★ PLAN a targeted chain reaction of mushroom explosions
★ RELEASE the poor Fireflies from their traps
★ BANISH the flower monsters
★ CLEAR the forest of all traces of evil
★ RESTORE justice in fairyland

Fireflies: Mushroom Blast! is a fun puzzle game that brings you:

▸ Easy and addictive gameplay
♥ Cute cartoon graphics and animation
▸ Funny Firefly songs
♥ Dozens of different levels with special perks
▸ Exciting arcade-style tasks
♥ Battles with the bosses
▸ Bonuses to help you solve the puzzles
♥ Contests with your friends via Facebook

Banish the insidious predators and release Fireflies from captivity! Download this addicting puzzle now!

In this arcade puzzle game, you need to use logic and develop both your strategic and tactical skills to confront the devious enemy! Fireflies: Mushroom Blast! is an engaging arcade puzzle game that has something for everyone.

Download this arcade game – entertainment guaranteed!