The G-Eye APP mobile application allow you to control remotely your sports video cameras G-Eye 2 ESCAPE and G-Eye 2 ULTIMATE only, through WiFi connection.

For G-Eye 300, G-Eye 500 and G-Eye 700 please download the G-Eye + app.

After pairing your camera with your smartphone through WiFi, you can :
– easily modify the settings of your video camera remotely as : picture settings (resolution, viewing angle), video settings (resolution, viewing angle) and also general settings.
– Start/stop video recording, picture shooting
– zoom/unzoom for a better frame of your target or sports activity
– do not miss any recording by adjusting correctly your framing.
– Review your recorded files : all files stored on your camera are readable from your smartphone without mandatory transfer.
– download your recorded files easily on your smartphone and share it to your friends
– Edition function allow you to select and trim the best moments of your video.