hichat messenger


Features now:
– Log in with your Facebook account (email and password)
– See your friends with their status (online/offline) on Facebook
– Search for friends whom you want to chat with
– Chat with your friend by sending text messages to your friends if they online on official Facebook site or Facebook messenger
– Store your chat history or recent chat conversations, with this feature you can navigate among chat conversations easily
– Notify by ringtone or vibration if you get incoming chats (messages) or incoming calls. You can customize the notification (silent/vibration/ringtone)
– Free VOICE CALL to your friend, if both sides online on hichat, best voice quality and fast connected
– Give Audio test service for making a test call
– STUN/TURN/ICE supported, allow you to make call in any networks (3G, 4G, Wifi, …)
– Option to sign-out