Kitchen Scale simulator


kitchen scale simulator Prank – is a prank: act like you’re able to weigh food for cooking! . Scales are a substitute for glass with a scale that shows the water weight in grams. The screen features a choice of two scales:

DIGITAL SCALE uses device's built-in gyroscope to measure deviation caused by placing an object on the mobile device and predicts its weigh using math equations. Unique weigh estimations and fluctuation reduction algorithms provides unprecedented results consistency.

The digital scale simulator app works great on most Android devices. gram scales free

It's perfect for measuring weight of small things, weighing few grams like coins, gold, silver or herbs. free digital scale grams

1. In a glass poured water (milk, juice and so on). You need to know the weight of this liquid. You will need a ruler. In the program, type nozzle diameter and the liquid height in inches. Based on the mathematical calculation program determines the weight in grams (ml) (with the function of calculating the volume of the cylinder).

2. For this recipe you will need to obtain an accurate weight, the amount of water (other liquids). To do this, take the flat glass and calculate its diameter line, and enter the exact weight you want to get, for example, 140 grams (ml).
digital scale for gramsThe program considers how many centimeters you need to pour the liquid in the glass to get a desired weight scales for grams free (volume).electronic gram scale

If you do not understand – the program adds more detailed instructions with illustrations. Try to make accurate estimates of the ruler to the result! digital scales grams

Warning! kitchen scale simulator is not a real scale! The app does not measure mass, it can not weigh food for real! It’s a funny kitchen joke created for fun! free scale in grams