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Best exercises to tone legs and burn fat, a bodyweight program to have thin thighs at home that can be done without equipment, wherever you want.

A virtual personal trainer will guide you in the workouts by showing you how to perform the leg exercises correctly.

To get toned and slim legs you need to train consistently, the virtual coach will help you to be constant and will make your leg workouts effective and fun .

To get perfect legs, in addition to training, you need to follow a healthy meal plan to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. In the advanced version, you'll find a meal generator to create an eating plans to burn fat.

Train harder your legs, test your limits and your progress with the 30 day Squat Challenge. The workout will allow you to gradually increase effort, avoiding stalling phases. At the end of the program your legs will be slimmer and toned.

In summary, this app provides:
– A 3-level program that will guide you along the way by indicating the weekly frequency and the time required to move on to the next level.
– Detailed explanation of the exercises with videos and descriptions to avoid mistakes.
– Alternative lower intensity exercises for those who want a slower approach.
– A meal and diet planner to burn fat.
– The Squat Challenge for an even more intense training.
– Cool-down stretching exercises for legs.
– Motivational quotes to achieve your goals.

Leg workout application made ​​by Ego360 for the LumoFit / LumoWell project.

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