Slugterra: Dark Waters 2


Slugs are the creatures that are the main focus of SlugTerra. They are magical creatures that transform into more powerful versions of themselves "when they hit 100 miles per hour". There are currently 48 known breeds of Slugs that fall into 14 different elements. Each breed of Slug has its own unique powers. While many of those breeds are used for battling, some, like the Bubbaleone, can also be used for household chores. Younger children tend to keep Slugs as pets, often bonding more closely with their Slugs than Slugslingers do .

Due to their battle capabilities, Slingers often see their Slugs as a little more than ammo. No longer a childhood pet, many Slingers don't think twice about trading or selling their Slugs. In some SlugSlinging competitions, the prize for winning a duel is being allowed to take a Slug from the losing Slinger's arsenal. As a result, slugs have little choice in who their owner is, and can change hands frequently.

When these slugs are fired with the help of Blasters, they reach a speed of one hundred miles per hour and transform into a stronger form called Battle Form which can be highly destructive. Once they are fired, they can only be re-used if their Slingers are fast in picking them up and reloading, otherwise they will return to one's hideout if one is friendly to them. All Slug-Slingers have to expand their arsenal and for that they use certain techniques like only talking or using special slug collecting devices. Slugs need be fed regularly so that they remain healthy, and baby slugs need extra special care to help them mature. If experienced enough, slugs can megamorph/or evolve into a more powerful form called Mega Morph Forms when they are shot at two hundred miles per hour. If a slug is not experienced enough, it will get thrown off by the speed. By using an accelerator in the blaster, you can make a slug mega morph more easily. They are kept in special cylinder-shaped cases called slug containers. Blasters have three parts, the base, barrel and space for reloading in which slugs are fitted and then fired by fusing energy of slugs and blaster.

There are numerous ways for Slingers to gain a new Slug for their arsenal. The first way is to go out an catch a Slug in the wild. Wild Slugs can be found nearly everywhere in SlugTerra, although some Slugs are very rare and not every Slug can be found in every cavern. Some Slugs, like the Forgesmelter, are rare not only due to their lower population numbers in the wild, but due to the difficultly of navigating through the dangerous volcanic cavern they call home.

There are several ways to catch a Slug in the wild. The first is to use a Sonic Snare, a device that uses sound waves to temporarily stun and weaken a Slug, making it easier to catch. This method can be risky, especially when dealing with a large group of Slugs, because the Snare can cause a Slug to weaken to the point where it loses its grip and falls. If the Slug falls from high enough up, it will hit velocity and transform. While not a major problem with one Slug or even just a few, enough Slugs transforming at once can have a devastating effect as seen in The Slugout.

Safer methods, though admittedly ones with lower odds of success, include the use of Slug Spray, Slug Reels, Slug Paper and nets. The best way is to talk to slugs, as demonstrated in The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1

Slugs can also be bought and traded. In some places, Slugs are used as currency in place of gold, with a Slug's experience determining its value. Some Slugs, due to either rarity or a high level of experience, can be very valuable.